Winter Munchies Getting the Better of You??


Winter Munchies getting the better of you??

Rather than tell yourself you ‘can’t have’, and then feel guilty for caving & indulging try this technique….

SomeOtherTime!Research suggests that when tell ourselves we ‘can’t have’ it makes us want it soooo much more – sort-of like a rebellious teenager! So, if you are working on improving your health, even dropping a couple of kilos of unwanted bodyfat then when the munchies strike, delay the feeling by
telling yourself you can have it, but ‘some other time’.

Now this won’t stop you immediately craving, so treat yourself like a 3yr old and use distraction with something else until the cravings pass.
It takes time to beat old habits, but when they no longer serve you, then it’s time to kick them!!

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