About Mel

Hi I’m Mel Behrens-MacaulayBlog About

I’m a coach and mentor.  I’ve worked in the health & fitness industry for over 20yrs as a healthclub owner, a personal trainer, a massage therapist, a group fitness instructor, a bootcamp trainer and during that time I’ve heard (and said to myself!) every excuse possible why it’s not possible to be fit, active, healthy, work & to be a mum. But I’ve also learned that ‘When you Change the Way You Look at Things…..Then the Things You Look at Change’.

I’m here to share what I’ve learned – my failures as well as my successes in the hope that I can encourage, inspire, educate and motivate other women and hopefully YOU!

You see, I believe that each of us have received a very special and unique gift, and it’s called our body. Now you may not like your body at the moment, and because of that you may not treat it nicely either, quite possibly you are filling it right now with processed or fast foods or worse, but if you are ready to change that, then I am here to hold your hand every step of the way. Right here there is a whole community of support with valuable information and ongoing motivation, you have all the tools at your fingertips to guide you on your journey, and if you would like a little more, I encourage you to send me a message at mel@trainlikeagirl.com.au


Mel xx