Change It Up to Run Faster!!

Failures are the Stairs we Climb to Reach Success (1)

Failures are the Stairs we Climb to Reach Success (1)Change It Up Workout Idea

For many of us, parkrun has become a Saturday regime – and the best way to begin the weekend! Everyone wants to run faster, to make a new PB and to hit new milestones, however just by doing the same run each week won’t necessarily give you those results. There are many run programs, tips and tricks and not one is any better than the other.

Here is just one simple technique you can easily put into your weekly training regime….

Begin with your usual warmup of at least 3-5min, as it’s winter you may need a little longer.

Once you feel warm and ready, begin jogging in your EASY pace for 3-5 mins, then increase your speend to MEDIUM pace for 1min, before hitting FAST pace for 30sec. Depending on your fitness and endurance, repeat this cycle 2-5 times before jogging/walking for 5min warm down and finish with stretching.

EASY Pace: You could carry on a conversation at your easy pace. You should feel comfortable and like you could continue all day at this pace.

MEDIUM Pace: Faster than your easy pace, but not too fast. You can’t carry on a conversation, but if asked a question could answer with a few words at a time.

FAST Pace: Faster than medium pace, you should feel in control, not sprinting flat out. You could speak one or two words if necessary but would prefer not to waste your energy on talking. Don’t push too hard, however you shouldn’t feel like keeping up this pace for too long.

This Change It Up workout will increase your heartrate, improve your fitness and calorie expenditure. Perhaps more importantly it can assist in preventing injuries which can arise from jogging at the same pace every time. If you change your pace, you recruit different muscle fibres and even different muscles which assists in you becoming a more balanced athlete.

Have a go and leave a comment below to tell me what you think.

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