Winter Munchies Getting the Better of You??

Winter Munchies getting the better of you?? Rather than tell yourself you ‘can’t have’, and then feel guilty for caving & indulging try this technique…. Research suggests that when tell ourselves we ‘can’t have’ it makes us want it soooo much more – sort-of like a rebellious teenager! So, if you are working on improving […]

FAST (1)

Stop Kidding Yourself – There’s No Such Thing as Healthy Fast Food!

It’s time to stop beating around the bush. It’s time to stop making excuses. It’s time to stop feeling like we are missing out!! It’s time to make a stand for the health of our nation, the health of our loved ones and take responsibility of our own bodies and future quality of life. We […]


Diabetes – the Preventable Epidemic of the 21st Century

Last weeks federal budget said many things, but something I’m always looking for from our leaders is support for preventative health rather than more money spent on health care for preventable diseases.  Personally  I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with our current nations mentality of seeking healthcare & medication for conditions which could have been prevented by […]

Top 10 Industries for Overweight Employees

How Does Your Industry Rank for Obesity?

We are becoming a fatter nation – a new study has shown which industries have the most overweight employees, and the mining sector is leading the fray with almost 8 out of 10 workers overweight. Whilst we can look at some industries and acknowledge factors such as shift work & long working hours with little […]

Laddy TLG

Self Belief – Do You Have Enough??

A blast from the past.  This photo has huge significance to me…. I remember this day well – the day I decided to step aside from my own fear of failure, low self esteem & comparisons just for a few minutes even though I didn’t have any self belief that I was good enough. This […]