Diabetes – the Preventable Epidemic of the 21st Century


Last weeks federal budget said many things, but something I’m always looking for from our leaders is support for preventative health rather than more money spent on health care for preventable diseases.  Personally  I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with our current nations mentality of seeking healthcare & medication for conditions which could have been prevented by changing ones lifestyle habits.

Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia, increasing faster than both cancer & heart disease. And sadly many Australians give themselves this disease simply by not looking after their bodies. You can decrease your risks, or even prevent this disease yourself simply by eating healthy nutritious meals and exercising daily.

Imagine what we could do for our nations budget if we all simply looked after our bodies & didn’t need to rely on the public health system?  

After all, each of us only have one body, why not look after it??

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